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New competitors appearing of Five nights at Freddy's is Alllison Road

New competitors appearing of Five nights at Freddy's is Alllison Road

Silent Hill game though was the publisher canceled altogether but it has become an inspiration to many other horror games emerged.

The latest version of Silent Hill and head designer Hideo Kojima is not just disappear from the game company Konami Japan but also struggling hard to erase all traces related to the two names. Currently, the demo demo of Silent Hill named PT at E3 2014 was not able to download on PlayStation Store system anymore, even if you accidentally delete it in PS4, players are not allowed and considered as lost reload This game always hit.

But as banning the gaming community seems to become more interested in PT when the demo with only a few dozen minutes in length are regularly discussed and widely shared PAPERS and comment on the forum Games like Reddit, NeoGAF. One theme has many participants today are looking for horror title has the same style as the version Silent Hill, and among them, the name Allison Road – the only by a single programmer named Chris Kesler done is attracting the attention of many people involved in the game.

The main work of painter Chris Kesler’s environmental design and he has worked in many projects such as Avatar, The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy. After playing PT, Kesler started feeling very impressed and started to perform game titles with the same style – a solitary figure wandering the mysterious abandoned house. That is why Alllison Road was born.
Background almost perfect game in an English townhouse. All the photos you can witness the cramped corridors, indoor objects and even trace the deformation of the roof made of glass. Some places look so small if you just have a look on the outside; but to explore the interior of which it turns out to be bigger than you imagine. Five Nights At Freddy's Game
Expertise in the design environment helps designers easily create Kesler a house in the suburbs with full amenities but exudes something spooky at night. Players will play an unnamed character wakes up after drunk by a terrified scream and begin to discover the mystery behind the family used to live here. You will witness a brutal war of couples who live upstairs, which culminated in the murder of the girl. From this point onwards you have to solve the task to murder the girl’s horrible, as the collapse of her is forever relevant to your downfall.

While trying to put her back to reality, you realize that you have a wife and daughter live with you, but their whereabouts are unknown. All you want to do at this point is sleeping. Tomorrow is a new day, after all things spooky. Known story of Allison Road inspired by a real case in the city of New York in 1974.

Allison Road was built to release in 2016, with support from Rift oculus. This game is currently planned for release on PC. Let’s wait to soak up the game macabre but also very exciting.



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