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Five Nights At Freddy's made into a horror movie

Five Nights At Freddy's made into a horror movie
Warner Bros is planning to bring Freddy Fazbear pizza stuffed with men “cute” to the big screen. The new information is revealed about the team showed that a high potential for a blockbuster thriller.
Accordingly, the manufacturer was selected as Roy Lee, who has successfully adapted The Ring and The Grudge from the Japanese version of the film became famous worldwide. Working with Seth Grahame Smith he is – many times writers in collaboration with Tim Burton.
Scott Cawthon – author Game Five Nights At Freddy’s fascinated with film projects: “itself stories which brought color film, it can elicit fear hidden from the corner deepest each center soul “.
“We will work with Scott to create a movie just crazy just appalled that still cute in a weird,” Grahame Smith said.
The film is still in the process of scriptwriters and no release date scheduled.
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