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Rival Nights at Freddy's abandoned projects

Rival Nights at Freddy’s abandoned projects

The move to cancel new Silent Hill game projects simultaneously deleted from the system PT demo of Konami Playstation Store has caused the opposite effect in the fan community horror genre for years, making them become more nostalgically titled This ill-fated game rather forget. If yesterday we had the opportunity to know the game called Allison Road Inspired by the recent PT, a fan made trailer clip (track above) also appears in the image building very familiar to the horror game Silent Hill as town engulfed in fog, the symbol of the church The Order, monstrous beasts without faces.

The author of the video sharing you take 5 days to make this video and it was built based on the mod called Alchemilla (Source Engine) is also inspired by the game Silent Hill. In particular, the movement of the monster in the clip also be simulated using two Kinect sensor to bring the most authentic impression.
With the sudden departure of Silent Hill game and regret PT in the gaming community, the video above will inevitably continue to occur in the future. Whatever the reason behind the scandals and Hideo Kojima Konami’s between what, cancel Silent Hill game is definitely not very wise decision of the Japanese game company.

Silent Hill is a cult horror title games and a lot of lovers.
The story of the game was set in the fictional American town Silent Hill but not the continuation of part one. The content revolves around the protagonist James Sunderland after receiving mysterious letters deceased wife said she was waiting for him in Silent Hill and the journey to find the truth of James.
Fames Sunderland received a letter on which the name Mary (Mary Shepherd-Sunderland), who lost his wife three years ago by a terrible disease. In the letter stated that she was waiting for him in a “special place” in Silent Hill, the city once associated with many beautiful memories between them. James skeptical but was determined to return to Silent Hill to find out the truth. Silent Hill is now no longer as beautiful as the memories of James, it seems abandoned long ago and all the streets are being covered with dense fog along the terrible monster was trying to launch an attack him . From here, the adventure begins.

Players will encounter different ending depending on their choice during the game and how they meet the required percentage in the game (eg during play if the player repeatedly open letters of Mary in the early game to watch, it will increase the ability to be beautiful epilogue “Leave”).
When Konami officially confirmed the company will cancel the product has caused frustration for millions of fans worldwide.
This incident was seen by many considered to eliminate completely the relationship between the director – Hideo Kojima manufacturer with Konami. For his part, Guillermo del Toro directed proved to be a charming little with Videogames. Before participating in the project Silent Hills, he also had a project to try other horror game called Insane. Unfortunately, with the bankruptcy of the company THQ in 2012, this project is also permanently forgotten.

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